B&W Nautilus (1993)

Laurence Dickie B&W Nautilus video. With prototypes!

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How Hi is the Fi? (1955)

Australian Women’s Weekly, 1955.

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Pioneer Exclusive




Teleaudio, Roma (1982)


Aragon amplifiers (1988)


Duntech DL-15 review (1976)

Big 3-way from the early days.

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ALS 40, TLS 50, Professional Monitor.

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“…experience, intuition, dedication…”

Working the British speaker savant angle. Great ad.

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Designed and made in NYC by Michael Levy & co, assembled in his parents’ garage in Queens.

Technics leaf tweeter, SEAS dome mid, 10″ Becker woofer, 15″ passive underneath. Fine cabinetry. $US1800/pr in ’83.

There was also a smaller P-8.



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Happy listening with Andrew and Bill.

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Kenwood L-08M


Harvey Mayer amplifiers

Harvey Mayer 100AR, 50AS, 30AT solid state amps.

Made and sold in Mont Albert/Surrey Hills, Melbourne.

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Duntech PCL-30 prototype

Spotted these in the wild. A bit like an ancient PCL-25, using the Audax bextrenes Dunlavy liked to use in his late 70’s and 80’s designs. Wouldn’t be a Duntech without a first order crossover, a time-aligned baffle—and felt.



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Sansui AU-417 offer.

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Interdyn: Luxman SQ-700X